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Houston Tomorrow believes cities should have a general plan for the future that’s based on citizen vision, values, and goals.

To urge creation of such a plan, Houston Tomorrow began an initiative in 2001 for the City of Houston to develop it. We created Blueprint Houston to carry that torch.

Today, at long last, the City is working on such a plan and hopes to have it passed into law in 2015.

For that plan to have popular support, it needs to be organized around people, so that the values people hold are reflected in the strategies that begin to redefine the City as it moves toward the future.

We agree with the fundamental principles of Blueprint Houston’s Citizens’ Vision for Houston’s Future:

• A diverse city of opportunity where we live in harmony in a healthy environment.
• Choices for home, work, and play in healthy and beautiful neighborhoods with self-determination.
• Sustainable prosperity and development that balances economy, community, and environment.
• Coordinated land use and transportation plans to create andmaintain a high level of access for all.
• A government that is wise, efficient, accountable, and creative.
• An educated and skilled workforce, with lifelong educatonal opportunities.
• A vibrant, internationally recognized center of artistic and cultural excellence.

We’re working hard to ensure that the plan is in line with those goals expressed by thousands of citizens, but we need your help to do that work. Join us in the quest.

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