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People and Nature Conference

October 20 - 22, at Rice

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Our best cities are well connected, walkable, bikeable places designed for human connectivity. They are also rich with nature, wildlife, and local food. We want to help envision a city that seamlessly fuses these elements to create better human habitat for us all. Please join us for the inaugural conference this coming October 20 - 22 centered at the Rice BioScience Research Collaborative.

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Saving our remaining forests, prairies, bays, wetlands, and farmland will require us to encourage our growing population to live more sustainable, less land-consumptive lifestyles. It’s time to discuss how creating smarter cities and towns can help conserve our remaining natural treasures for both people and wildlife.

The reinvention of Houston is already underway. Our bayous are being reconnected with trails and new bike lanes are opening. More people travel Main street via rail on transit per mile than on any other modern light rail line in the nation, pockets of wild nature are being embedded in our cities, and our signature parks are being greatly transformed.

The 2015 People & Nature Conference will bring together the best minds in urbanism and conservation to accelerate this progress. Our offerings are designed to attract urban planners, biologists, landscape architects, decision makers, child and parks advocates, health professionals, conservationists, and more.

We are equally pleased to tell you that 100% of proceeds raised from this conference will benefit the new Houston Children in Nature Collaborative. Please help support our work to make Houston a greener, healthier, and better connected city and region.

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