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Citizens Vision for Houston’s Future

Vision, values, and goals

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Beginning in 2002, Blueprint Houston, then a project of Houston Tomorrow, hosted a series of workshops for hundreds of City residents. That culminated in Citizens’ Congress I in May, 2003, where 1,040 people discussed a set of
goals and actions that had been developed at the earlier public workshops. They voted for the goals shown in the document Citizens Vision for Houston’s Future, and for an action statement to ask City Council to adopt the vision and values as the basis for a general plan.

In 2007, 100 participants in the Leaders’ Conference reviewed and discussed values that arose during the citizen processes, and agreed on this consensus statement of values and goals. The vision statements were derived from the values and were presented and affirmed at a third Citizens’ Congress in October, 2009.

Houston Tomorrow and Blueprint Houston support and champion the citizens vision as stated in this document and urge their adoption as an integral part of the Vision for the General Plan for Houston’s future. While some of the goals might be tweaked and expanded, the vision statements at the beginning ring true of citizen values today. Houston Tomorrow and Blueprint Houston support their adoption as the basis for the General Plan for Houston’s Future.

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