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Let’s spend our transit taxes on transit

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Houston wants transit! Now! We believe the Spieler proposal best will improve the quality of life or the people of the Houston region.

Write your letter to the Metro Board TODAY!!

The total loss to local transit funding so far is at least $2.5 billion. Lets not lose any more.

Houston Tomorrow letter to Metro Board (pdf)

We want what we voted for in 2003 and we want it as fast as possible. Compromise will likely delay the University line for 8 more years at best. This isn’t what the people of Houston want.

Write your elected officials and the Metro board today about the future you see for transit in the Houston region. We encourage you to write your own personal message or you can simply send the following prepared text with a few clicks:

I urge you to send a pro-transit option to the voters in November, to better align local transportation spending with the priorities of the people of Houston.

I want you to continue building the best new light rail system in the nation as quickly and efficiently as you can.  I want you to expand and improve local and rapid bus routes across the Metro service area.  I want you to end the unfair practice of sending different, unearned percentages of our transit sales taxes back to local entities at the expense of our transit system and of the City of Houston.  I want our local governments to prioritize working with Metro to facilitate the build-out of the transit system Houstonians want and deserve now.

The proposal put forward by Metro board member Christof Spieler appears to be the best option on the table to meet the priorities of the people of Houston. Please give us this option to vote for healthier Houstonians, greater economic development, and a more connected region.

To be clear, we want our transit taxes spent on transit to the greatest extent possible, and eventually spent exclusively on transit.

Thank you for listening to the people on this issue and for all that you do to improve the quality of life for the people of the Houston region.

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We believe the coming transit referendum can begin to fix the mistake first made 25 years ago diverting 1/4 of our transit taxes to “general mobility.”

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