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  • My Houston 2040: A Happy Hour meeting of the minds

    Next Event: July 16th

    Houston’s monthly meeting of the urban, eco, creative, and hungry minds

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  • Houston Food Policy Workgroup

    Sustainable local food system

    Nurturing the growth of a sustainable local food system, accessible to all, through education, collaboration, communication, & creation of a food policy council

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  • Agricultural Urbanism

    Transects & food production

    Agricultural urbanism is much more systematic and planned than urban agriculture, and it applies the New Urbanist idea of transects to food production.

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  • Commissioner James Patterson

    Interviews with the TPC

    The Fort Bend county commissioner talks about TPC, the Grand Parkway, Livable Centers, and transit systems in Harris and Fort Bend counties.

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Upcoming Events

Houston Food Policy Workgroup: Action groups
Feb 10, 16 – This month our action groups will meet separately…
My Houston 2040: Urban Fun!
Feb 11, 16

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Livability News


Angie Schmitt

Texas isn't learning from its horrific road fatalities calendar

Dallas Morning News

The children of Dallas (& Houston) need recess every day

Todd Litman

Center for Opportunity Urbanism report falls short of good research

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