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The ability of Houston Tomorrow to stay focused on the big pictures of growth, development, climate, and change in the Houston region has always been dependent on dedicated, multi-talented people using their time well.  Houston Tomorrow has been a much smaller organization in terms of cost than comparable organizations in the region and across the country.  Staff of Houston Tomorrow will find themselves researching transit allocations in regional transportation for the 25 largest metropolitan area in the morning, writing letters to donors after lunch, and giving a presentation on Houston’s 2012 rapid transit accessible zone in the afternoon.  We believe that fostering the many talents of each individual working with Houston Tomorrow allows us to accomplish what a much larger organization would typically produce.

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Employment Opportunities

Although we are not actively hiring at this time, we are happy to look at your resume and keep it on file. If you are interested in working at Houston Tomorrow, please contact us online or call 713-523-5757.  We ask for a resume, cover letter, and references from prospective employees. We offer reasonable salaries and health benefits at this time.

Internship Opportunities

Houston Tomorrow seeks interns to work throughout the year to engage in changing the story of growth, prosperity, health, and happiness in the Houston region.

We generally have one or two summer interns each year. Undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of specializations are given a unique opportunity to study public policy, urban planning, transportation, and environmental issues as they are taking place in the Houston region. Successful interns in the past have been architecture, urban planning, government, physics, and philosophy majors. Most importantly, interns must have a passion for working on making the Houston region a better place to live and work and taking responsibility for our region’s environmental impact. Please contact us online or call 713-523-5757 by February 15th if you are interested in a summer internship for that following summer. We will ask for a resume, cover letter, and references.  Minimal salary is available for qualified interns, but those candidates willing to work for free or who have secured funding from their school will receive preferential treatment.


We have at times have had very part time volunteers who were interested in working within their limited schedule.  These people have helped us stay on top of local and national trends, provided background research for issues of TOMORROW Magazine, and helped with the grunt work of running a nonprofit.  We thank them for all they do to improve the better quality of life in the Houston region.  Please contact us online or call 713-523-5757 if you are interested in getting involved in urban planning, transportation, and climate change issues in the Houston region.

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