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  • What Can We Do By 2024? report released

    Top 10 goals for City of HOU

    Guest experts' 10 essays and our top 10 recommended goals for the City of Houston based on our Summer 2015 expert speaker/essay series.

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  • Mayor Turner tells TTC we need a paradigm shift

    Testifying at TX Transpo Comm

    Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner testified at the Texas Transportation Commission that with our strategies of the past, "congestion has not been alleviated"

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  • Vision Zero for Houston report released

    Let's End Traffic Deaths

    Houston Tomorrow has released its report "Vision Zero: Toward a Vision Zero Action Plan for the City of Houston"

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  • Angie Schmitt

    Texas needs a Vision Zero

    Texas isn't learning from its horrific road fatalities calendar

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Angie Schmitt

Texas isn't learning from its horrific road fatalities calendar

Dallas Morning News

The children of Dallas (& Houston) need recess every day

Todd Litman

Center for Opportunity Urbanism report falls short of good research

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